Our Team

A set of global experts across disciplines


Coming together to build

Gro Intelligence is a global, diverse team of domain experts from agriculture and climate science to business leaders and data scientists. As we are modeling a complex, real-world system - which means sourcing local truth, translating languages, and blending different approaches - diversity is a necessity.

We need diversity to Gro(w)

30 languages spoken

From Mandarin to French and Portuguese to English, our team needs to access local sources to get to ground truth.

21 nationalities represented

Diversity is a necessity when building a complex, real-world system. The Gro team represents Ethiopia to the US, France to Poland.

A range of domain experts

Domain experts from crop scientists to engineers, market research analysts, and Doctors of Geography curate and integrate our data.

Founded in Nairobi, Kenya

And now offices in Nairobi, New York City, and Singapore.


Valued: All types of skills

Beyond data and engineering, the Gro Intelligence team includes experts in design, sales, marketing, finance and talent who structure Gro's infrastructure. They ensure the Gro system reaches the right people, from customers to recruits. Does this sound like you? Join us!

We all come from diverse backgrounds, which I think is a key strength whether it be brainstorming new ideas or hearing how their worldview differs from my own. I love the people and innovation.

Maria Caffrey

Climate Scientist at Gro