Gro Intelligence's La Niña Toolkit and Webinar

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Gro is excited to introduce its La Niña Toolkit to help users understand the impact of this global climate event on agriculture around the world. Each section of the La Niña Toolkit discusses the likely effects on the market for a single agricultural product.  

The Toolkit provides a guide to key resources on the Gro platform that will help users understand and anticipate the main effects on corn, soybeans, wheat, palm oil, sugar, coffee, and cocoa. The Toolkit and the individual resources constantly update as this La Niña cycle unfolds. 

The Toolkit also contains a link to a recording of Gro’s webinar “How Will La Niña Affect Global Agricultural Markets.”

Access Gro’s La Niña Toolkit and Webinar here

La Niña is a climate pattern that can trigger large shifts in weather—making some parts of the world hotter and drier, and others cooler and wetter—which can persist for several seasons, with significant impacts on global agriculture.

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