Public Sector

Working with governments, NGOs, multilateral organizations, and humanitarian agencies on food security and climate change

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Monitoring global food security and climate risk

Gro Intelligence works with the public sector on monitoring local and global food security and developing resiliency against climate change.

Public Sector

Gro has three main areas of focus in the public sector

Ensuring national food security

Working with governments to ensure national food security

Responding to global food crises

Working with governments, humanitarian agencies, NGOs, and multilateral organizations on responding to global food crises

Understanding climate change

Working with governments and regulators to better understand the effects of climate change on national economies and regulatory frameworks

With Gro, monitor risks to food security and global agricultural supply chains

Forecast using Gro’s already existing proprietary platform

Anticipate supply and demand shocks with our proprietary yield models, balance sheets, and more

Anticipate and monitor supply-side weather and climate shocks

Map climate and weather variables relevant to global food production and consumption systems

Leverage global trade and price data

Forecast the impact of global food inflation or trade restrictions on national reserves