Why Next-Gen Climate Risk Modeling Is the Key to Superior Commodity Analysis

Climate conditions have a significant impact on supply and price. Early, data-based climate forecasting and analysis has become integral to profitable trading strategies.

Gro Intelligence’s in-house team of climate and data scientists have built the Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture to help traders and analysts get the clearest signals for supply and price. This Application offers significant improvement over traditional weather analysis by providing a crop-weighted view of growing conditions around the world. Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture allows users to compare current growing conditions with over 20 years of historical data, to evaluate crop strength and identify analogous periods.

Discussion topics will include:

  • An overview of the essential factors of climate risk modeling and Gro's next-gen Climate Risk Navigator Application as a leading indicator for supply and price
  • Why early climate risk factors are essential for commodity trading strategies
  • How to get clear trading signals directly from Gro's unique Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture Application, across current in-season crops such as Argentina soybeans