Detecting drought early allows for advance business planning to mitigate potential negative consequences of unfavorable growing conditions. Drought is also a key risk factor for wildfires, dust storms, and water stress. In this webinar, we will walk through the 46 publicly available data sources that the Gro team evaluated as we built a comprehensive index - the Gro Drought Index.

Please also see the background on the Gro Drought Index


Kristina Yamamoto

Senior Geospatial Analyst

After positions at the US Geological Survey and the University of Denver, Kristina leads a team of highly experienced remote sensing and geospatial scientists. She and her team conduct spatial analysis research on identifying patterns in vegetation and land cover change.

Michael Simonetti

SVP, Climate and Index Products

Michael and the Climate team at Gro are working to create solutions to the challenges posed by climate change that combine markets, quantitative risk management, geospatial analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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