Russia-Ukraine War Impact: Real Time Assessment

Partnering with humanitarian organizations pro bono to tackle food security crises amid Black Sea supply disruptions

Gro Intelligence is offering to partner with humanitarian organizations on a pro bono basis to help identify current crises created by the Russia-Ukraine War and tackle those yet to emerge. This goes beyond our Gro For Good efforts, which simply provide all our models and data free of charge, and extends to our team making themselves available to further explain and help navigate the unprecedented impact of this crisis.   

We have put together a Russia-Ukraine resources page to track the implications for global food security on a real-time basis. We are also providing free access to our Humanitarian Food Security Risk Management Toolkit, which models the interconnected impact on commodities like wheat, vegetable oils, and fertilizer that will have far-reaching implications for importing nations, including those in Africa and the Middle East.

Further down, we provide up-to-date insights from our industry experts on the most recent impacts of the Russia-Ukraine War.

The Gro platform is curated by human intelligence and scaled by artificial intelligence to provide the honest answers to what on earth is going on. Our team of expert analysts is available to speak with you to further discuss this crisis and how to navigate the shocks to our food systems.

Humanitarian Food Security Risk Management Toolkit

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