Gro analytics

We have built a suite of machine learning models to forecast supply, demand, and environmental catastrophes that can be accessed through Gro. These models use our treasure trove of global agriculture data, spanning various domains like environmental, weather, and reported S&D information.
Our modeling process performs to the highest standards, and is fully specified, generalizable, and constantly improving
During the growing season, forecasts are automatically updated daily and available on the Gro web app
Deconstruct and analyze the workings of each parameter used in the forecasts on a real time basis within Gro, and do so at a global scale within minutes
Using Gro’s analytics
Traders today can gain significant value from using Gro’s yield predictions. As a test, we used the simplest set of rules we could come up with for a systematic trading model, where we “bought” or “sold” based on the level of our corn yield model relative to the trade estimate when it was available. The strategy made money in 71% of the 2017 trades, ending the forecast season in November 2017 up $0.1775/bushel (or +$887.50/contract.)

Learn more about our trading test here.
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