Gro Data

Unrivaled insight across agriculture, climate, and the economy.


Global data for a comprehensive and completely unique market view

Gro's data platform aggregates and organizes agricultural, climate, and economic data from over 200 sources, providing access and optimizing delivery of even the most difficult-to-obtain datasets. 

Making public, private, and proprietary data immediately actionable

Global Coverage of Commodities and Regions

including over 80% of the world’s corn, soy, and wheat.

Climate and Weather Projections

that identify risk and potential impact of climate patterns and weather events.

Critical Market Signals

that indicate price fluctuations such as supply and demand, climate risk, imports and exports, and trade flow.

Proprietary and Gro-derived Data Series

completely unique to Gro Intelligence.

Global Winter Wheat Production Monitor (12).png

Triangulating from multiple sources per region and per item

For the major exporting and importing countries, we have multiple sources per data series. We utilize government sources, satellite data, and licensed private sources. Having multiple sources instills greater confidence in the accuracy of the data and analyses.

Curated domain experts.png

Curated and standardized by domain experts

Gro’s domain experts have spent decades covering the areas that they are responsible for - including agriculture, climate, and trading. We have analyzed the different source options to curate the truest representation of ground conditions.