The Gro API

Access Gro data and models

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Direct integration with Gro's data platform

Enrich analysis and improve model performance with Gro’s easy-to-use API. This flexible integration allows users to completely customize how they view, test, and interpret their data – leveraging clear documentation and a variety of data discovery and delivery mechanisms along the way. 

Flexible data discovery and delivery

Programmatic discovery and data retrieval

Analyze data, construct models, and build proprietary applications with Gro’s RESTful API integration.

Seamless integration with third party data

Blend Gro data with your proprietary data and analysis to supplement and improve decision-making.

Time-saving computations via Gro’s crop-weighted service

Critical data points are automatically weighted in agricultural, climate, economic analyses.

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Extensible Ontology

Gro normalizes tens of millions of data series and trillions of data points into a proprietary data architecture, easing the ingestions of new sources, improving the way users experience and use our data, and ensuring quality inputs for Gro models.

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Powerful Predictive Models

Gro’s machine learning is scaled by human intelligence, resulting in stable and sustainable model inputs and highly-accurate forecasts across supply, demand, yield, climate, pest, and disease.