Features & Access

Workflow tools, visualizations, and editing

Access through API, plug-ins or visualizations

Raw data and model codes are available through API feeds or for use in excel, tableau, or csv files.

Create and edit models

Gro provides and helps our customers across the agriculture industry build their own forecast models for various short, medium

Combine Gro's data with your own

Customers can use Gro’s standardized data to combine with their proprietary data to enable better and faster decision-making.

Replicate models for new scenarios

Gro’s commitment to transparency enables our customers to replicate or adjust existing Gro models as well as add customer-specific

Alerts push updates on key commodities

Automated email alerts to notify your team of anomalous observations in key areas as well as automated email alerts with information about any updates to predictive model values.

Visualizations and displays

Visualizations of data and analytics through Gro’s Displays - either Gro curated or customer curated, with the added ability to share throughout your organization

Live charts

Build displays that you can monitor throughout the day. Data will automatically update on your charts.

Validate your analysis

Combine multiple data series to gain a higher level of accuracy and confidence in your analysis.

Compare data from different sources

You'll not only see the discrepancy in reporting, but you'll now know which numbers to use.

Share your work

Gro users can make their displays public and share them with the entire Gro community, as well as online with non-users.

Unlimited displays

You can create as many Gro displays as you want. Every display you create will automatically be saved to your account.