Gro Excel Add-in

Plug into the Gro database and access our library of templates

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Custom functions and pre-built templates for turnkey analysis

When delivered via Excel Add-in, Gro’s agricultural, climate, and economic data is easily embedded into a familiar workflow for data analysis, allowing businesses to spend less time structuring data and more time using it to improve decision making.

Access and query Gro data with custom Excel functions

Data series can be pulled directly into workbooks and easily refreshed with new data.

Leverage curated templates built by domain experts

Each template is purpose-built for specific analysis and includes support for automatic updates.

Download data from Gro Applications to Excel

Export data series found in Gro Applications through pre-populated Excel functions or pre-built templates.

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Unique use case? Customized templates can be delivered in days.

 Gro’s library of curated, customizable Excel Templates is always growing.