Coverage across Agriculture, Climate, and the Economy

Ingesting public and private data to illuminate the interrelationships between our earth’s ecology and human economy


Agricultural, ecological, and economic data

Gro's platform includes environmental, climate, and weather components for longer visibility and higher confidence.

Making public, private, and proprietary data immediately actionable


Licensed data from exchanges such as CME, ICE, and Dalian as well as trade organizations such as International Grains Council, etc.

Premium Licensed

Premium licensed data from private sources that Gro has actively found and are difficult to obtain.


Public data including data with high barriers to access, i.e. poorly formatted data in PDF files.

Gro Derived

Gro derived data, from Gro creating new data where it does not exist by leveraging all the data Gro already has.


Proprietary data that private companies have compiled themselves and choose to share with Gro. Unique datasets that nobody else has.

Gro's ontology allows the integration of almost any dataset

The Gro Ontology solves the problem of standardization by establishing a geospatially sensitive data architecture that allows us to rapidly integrate nearly any type of dataset into a single knowledge graph that we have built over the past 7 years. 

This structured fusion of disparate data sources makes a vast amount of data “interoperable”, and thus available for reliable, cross-domain, AI-driven analysis by Gro and our customers. Gro also employs machine learning to continually improve and enrich our Ontology - each additional dataset we ingest adds new connectivity to existing datasets and a natural mapping to new datasets - allowing analysis based on our data to continually improve.

Global Winter Wheat Production Monitor (12).png

Triangulating from multiple sources per region and per item

For the major exporting and importing countries, we have multiple sources per data series. We utilize government sources, satellite data, and licensed private sources. Having multiple sources instills greater confidence in the accuracy of the data and analyses.

Curated domain experts.png

Curated and standardized by domain experts

Gro’s domain experts have spent decades covering the areas that they are responsible for - including agriculture, climate, and trading. We have analyzed the different source options to curate the truest representation of ground conditions.