Access the power of the Gro platform

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Full data access

All data on the Gro platform is accessible through the API. Gro is continuously adding new datasets and developing new models to support a variety of use cases giving unprecedented insights into production, consumption, trade, and climate globally.

Discoverable, documented access

Well documented and easy to use

Our API package in Python is well annotated.

Discoverable with description of delivery

The Gro API has a data catalogue, which serves as a dictionary to make the data discoverable.

Available with limited restrictions

Access is tiered with expected and released usage.

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Transparency in inputs and methodology

We are completely transparent with our clients about our models, methodology and inputs into the models. Our models are now estimating and predicting factors such as supply and demand up to two years before official numbers are released by governments.

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Ideal for machine learning

Our data can be used alone or in combination with your proprietary datasets to build or improve your own models. The scale and quality of the data (satellite or ground-based, environmental or socio-economic, supply-side or demand-side) make it ideal for machine learning.