Harness the world’s most powerful and predictive platform of agriculture, climate, and economic data.

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A Data Platform Built for Decision-Making

Since 2014, the Gro Intelligence platform has helped businesses across the public and private sector leverage our proprietary blend of agriculture, climate, and economic insights to make data-driven decisions.

Our platform organizes complex datasets into actionable analysis, accurately predicting outcomes, and supports the data discovery and delivery mechanisms to accommodate use cases across industries and teams. 

Accurate, objective, and trusted analysis.

Global Data

Aggregated, organized, and curated from hundreds of disparate and hard-to-find sources

Unique Intelligence

Proprietary datasets and insights that deliver a complete and unique market view.

Accurate Predictions

Domain expertise paired with AI and machine learning to model outcomes and predict impact.

Flexible Solutions

Multiple ways for any industry or business unit to analyze and act on Gro data