World's most powerful data and analytics platform for agriculture, climate, and the economy

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See around the corner

Since 2014, the Gro platform has helped companies, financial institutions, and governments better understand the complex ecosystems of agriculture, climate, and the economy.

Gro's data and analytics examine the intersectional effects of supply, climate, demand, and price to enable our customers to make decisions with confidence - and “see around the corner.” 

Global data is fragmented and difficult to analyze… 

Many organizations spend most of their time and energy on collecting and organizing data, rather than analyzing or interpreting it. But because agriculture, climate, and the economy are highly complex ecosystems, making data-driven decisions is critical for teams of all types, across all industries.

…Which is why we built the Gro platform

Obtaining and organizing massive amounts of data in order to create actionable, easy-to-use, future-looking analytics requires subject matter expertise, AI capabilities, and significant time and energy.

The four pillars of our platform set us apart

Global Data

Vast amounts of agricultural, climate, and economic data sorted according to our proprietary ontology.

Domain Expertise

Curated by human intelligence. Domain experts who work closely with engineers and data scientists.

Artificial Intelligence

Unparalleled AI and predictive modeling capabilities with a 7-year track record and high accuracy.


Transparency and neutrality across all models and methodologies.

Unique analytics built on top of our ontology

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Powerful predictive models

Gro leverages its human intelligence to create unique Gro data series that bridge gaps in fragmented data and enhance existing datasets. In addition, Gro produces powerful predictive models across supply, demand, yield, climate, pest, and disease.

The unique, powerful Gro platform provides 30 model frameworks, over 120K Gro datasets, and 2.9 million Gro data series to help our customers with both short- and long-term decisions. 

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Structured according to our unique data ontology

Gro ingests over 170,000 different data sets from over 200 sources and normalizes this data through our proprietary ontology.

Our data includes everything from satellite images and granular price data to hard-to-find China sources. It underpins our analytics.


Real-time updates on commodities and weather

API Access

SDK for development in Python or R

Excel Plug-In

Excel downloads from the portal or API

Portals and Displays

Consolidated view across regions and crops