Food & Beverage

Our customers make use of Gro’s analytics products, domain expertise, and millions of data series on food commodities from around the world, standardized and all in one place.


Mitigate Risk from Climate and Weather

Gro maps climate indicators to production regions to mitigate risks to both margins and supply, including: 

  • Real time climate and environmental monitoring for rapid identification of potential supply disruptions
  • Drought Index for quicker worldwide response to incipient drought
  • Growing conditions such as soil moisture, vegetation, and evapotranspiration for any region and weighted by a specific crop


The Gro Drought Index is currently being used by food companies to improve their forecasts. It measures drought severity on a scale from "0" (no drought) to "5" (severe drought) for the world on a daily basis. 


Forecast Supply from Major Producing Regions 

Gro supports companies as they map the reliability of their supply networks to keep the product pipeline moving, and to find comparable substitute products when the usual offerings aren’t available. Gro enables companies to create market narratives, collect quick facts, determine least-cost origins, and budget for the future, including: 
  • Price forecasting for optimization of procurement strategy
  • Land suitability rankings for long-run supply chain diversification
  • Demand models for product development strategy and commodity price hedging
  • Yield forecasts and supply models for procurement optimization and savings
  • Fresh produce price data for insight into the produce marketplace
  • Plant disease risk modeling for early warnings on supply chain risks
  • Analogous year detection for scenario analysis of likely outcomes for your business using variables like price, climate, trade, supply, and demand


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