US Retail and Wholesale Volatility Adjusted Price Index

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Gro's US Retail and Wholesale Volatility Adjusted Price Index strips out products’ normal price fluctuations to focus on the price responses to current market factors. The Gro series are calculated by dividing the rolling annual percentage price change by the annualized standard deviation of weekly price changes over the prior three-year period.

Customers use this index to

  • Understand what’s driving fluctuations in fresh produce markets
  • Normalize price movement to compare different sourcing regions
  • Rank which product prices have moved the most over the past year, which can impact planting intentions

Why It Matters

Price movements across different products and time horizons can be better contextualized by normalizing for underlying historical volatility. This allows us to distinguish how much a product’s price change is due to normal fluctuations, caused by seasonality and other factors, and how much to special circumstances, such as 2020’s supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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