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Gro’s Climate Indicator (GCI) - Weather Variability measures the frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events to provide insight into a specific region’s weather variability. Regions with lower variation tend to have more consistent weather patterns, while regions with higher variation tend to experience more extreme weather events. (Our GCI for Weather Variability was previously known as the Climate Variation Index.)

Customers use this indicator to

  • Identify regions that have the largest and smallest variations in weather to inform operations and strategic planning
  • Analyze how incidence of extreme weather events has changed over time in a given region

Why It Matters

The indicator shows how predictable weather variability in a given region is, and the change in frequency and magnitude of extreme weather events in a given region over time. This allows Gro users to determine which regions are experiencing more extreme weather events, possibly due to climate change. This is helpful for designing long-term sustainability strategies that take potential climate impacts into account.

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