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Gro’s GCIP - Temperature Projections and the GCIP - Precipitation Projections span from 2015 to 2100. 

These indicators are based on  projections from the Coupled Model Inter-comparison Project (CMIP6) generation of climate models for five climate scenarios that have been featured in the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report, released in August 2021. These scenarios match the new Shared Socioeconomic Pathways (SSPs) that have been combined with  Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) to show different possible states of the world based on the possible policy actions we choose in the next few years.

Our GCIP - Temperature Projections and the GCIP - Precipitation Projections indicators provide users with district-level projections for two of the most important characteristics of our future climate: temperature and precipitation. 

By doing this, our indicators facilitate the probabilistic analysis of climate change impacts for any asset or supply chain, and they support long-term strategic planning.  

Customers use these indicators to

  • Understand the impact that changes in these two key variables might have on future agricultural yields 
  • Inform long-term planning and decision making related to operations and infrastructure
  • Analyze if a business should relocate based on changing climate conditions

Why It Matters

Gro users can use these indicators' long-term projections to determine how future shifts in weather could impact agricultural areas. This information can inform farmers’ planting decisions and help companies determine which assets and sourcing locations may require investments in climate mitigation strategies. These Indicators can also be used to help identify regions that, while unfavorable for growing certain crops today, will become more suitable for growing crops in the future.


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