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Brazil Soybean Crush Forecast Model

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Gro’s Brazil Soybean Crush Forecast Model provides a pre-season and in season estimate for soybean crush in Brazil, the world’s soybean export leader. Because Brazil is the world’s largest soybean producer and exporter, the processing of its soybeans into meal and soybean oil is closely watched globally. 

With Gro’s forecast for Brazil’s domestic soybean crush, users can get a snapshot of global soybean crush demand. They can also use our Brazil Soybean Crush Forecast Model to predict soybean ending stocks in Brazil. Supply and demand in Brazil is key to understanding the global balance sheet of soybeans and how that will impact trade flows and price.

Customers Use the Model to

  • Monitor Brazil’s soybean crush demand in season
  • Get a global picture of soybean crush demand
  • Forecast Brazil’s soybean ending stocks
  • Anticipate Brazil’s soybean available export capacity and flow to make better sourcing and shipping decisions

Why It Matters

Brazil is the global leader in soybean exports, and soybean crush is a major use for its crop. Having access to a Brazil soybean crush estimate can help users position themselves ahead of the USDA’s monthly supply and demand data releases (WASDE), and it can help users arrive at a more finely tuned soybean ending stocks estimate.

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