Wisconsin’s Cold Weather Could Lead to Dairy Price Increases

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In the United States, Wisconsin is second only to California in milk production, producing 13.8 million tonnes of milk in 2017. However, Wisconsin’s record low temperatures in April have analysts predicting a significant reduction in milk output for 2018. As of 22 April, only two percent of Wisconsin’s total spring fieldwork had been completed, the slowest progress in the past five years. Because spring fieldwork is crucial in preparing pastures and ranges for dairy cows, producer prices for dairy may increase as a result of a shorter grazing season.

Wisconsin dairy farmers currently produce too much milk, and the persistent oversupply has driven prices downward. As a result, many producers are pushing the government to enforce a minimum price for their product of $20 per hundred pounds. As Wisconsin’s spring fieldwork progresses, Gro Intelligence subscribers can stay up-to-date on the impact cold weather might have on dairy prices.

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