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(Webinar) Soft Commodities Risks 2022 Across Cocoa, Sugar, and Coffee: Global Growing Conditions and Climate

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Cocoa, coffee, and sugar are being affected by increasing changes in climate and weather. West Africa’s cocoa belt is experiencing both short-term weather impact and long-term potential displacement. Although it has been relieved, the recent dryness that was visible in West Africa in early 2022 is increasingly common in recent years. Dryness impacts the essential growing period mid-crop in January and February, but then March sees relieving rain. Similarly, there is increased rainfall variability in coffee areas of Brazil, and coffee and sugar have been affected, driving additional inflation for food producers in the US. 

In this webinar, we will evaluate growing conditions for the major soft commodities in 2022, and the implications for prices and availability for this year and beyond using the Gro Intelligence Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture and the Gro Drought Index.

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Thursday May 19 10 AM ET

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