Planting Progress Ramps Up as Temperatures Increase

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Contrary to expectations, US crop progress has ramped up to average levels due to warmer temperatures this past week. Corn planting progress has increased beyond the five year average, with 95 percent of the nation’s corn planted by June 3rd. According to the USDA, the major corn producing states of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio had an average of 84 percent of their corn in good or excellent condition. 55 percent of soybeans had emerged as of the week ending June 3rd, jumping up eight percentage points from the previous week.

A very cold spring had raised concerns of crop planting progress setbacks, but warmer temperatures and higher than average precipitation levels this past week have put both crops off to a good start. Temperatures last week were 8.5 ºC above normal and precipitation levels 0.01 millimeters above normal, giving farmers good conditions to plant. Gro Intelligence subscribers can monitor crop progress levels and geospatial data to stay up-to-date with crop conditions.

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