Trump Energy Policy Sidelines US Biofuels

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Controversy is brewing in the Trump Administration as the EPA plans to increase the amount of waivers being issued under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The RFS mandates that small refineries with capacity below 75,000 barrels per day are exempt from contributing to the 15 million gallon biofuel refinery quota. However, over the past two months, the administration has granted more than two dozen waivers to large and profitable refinery companies like Andeavor and CVR Energy. Critics of the new policy argue that the waiver expansion is just the administration’s attempt at undermining corn farmers while favoring the petroleum industry. The Trump administration has also proposed that biofuel exports will now count toward the 15 million gallon quota, easing pressure on oil refineries wanting to reduce the amount of bioethanol that they'll need to blend domestically. As of February 2018, the US produces 126 million gallons of bioethanol, and now with the proposed reforms US corn farmers might scale back volumes intended for fuel production. Through up-to-date data and analytics, Gro Intelligence can help subscribers get ahead of developments in the US biofuel industry.

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