Romanian Oilseeds Get Lower Production Forecasts for 2018/19

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Romania’s weather hasn’t been kind to the country’s oilseed crops this year. According to the USDA’s Global Agricultural Information Network, rapeseed production is expected to fall by 13 percent to 1.65 million tonnes in 2018/19 from the previous year, due to dry weather during planting time and severe precipitation over the summer that stressed the crop. The forecast for sunflower seeds is also down, to 2.4 million tonnes this year from 2.6 million tonnes in 2017/18. The Romanian soybean crop is expected to see production decline to 300,000 tonnes in 2018/19 from 360,000 tonnes a year earlier.

Overall, Romania’s total oilseed production is forecast to decrease by about 10 percent year over year. Despite these anticipated drops in production, some farmers remain optimistic about crop yield and quality as harvests continue into September. Romania’s oilseed crops are exported all over the EU, and production losses could spell trouble for the country’s agricultural export market if weather continues to threaten production. With Gro Intelligence, subscribers can readily monitor weather and crop-production data as new developments arise.

Rising oilseed production has made Romania a top producer in the EU, but dry weather followed by heavy rains has dampened output this year.

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