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After building one of the most sophisticated agricultural software platforms, we’re excited to announce the launch of Gro Intelligence’s “Digital Crop Tour Guides.” Starting tomorrow, we’ll be launching the first ever 2018 Digital Crop Tour Guide for U.S. Midwest Corn and Soy, followed by other crops and regions in the future. Each guide will provide the most accurate, up-to-date data behind that season’s crop conditions, enhancing the value of traditional on-the-ground crop tours. For the first time ever, we’ll be also making this data available through Gro’s interactive visualization technology, which allows users to explore hyperlocal crop data over time and space using the Gro software platform.

In connection with our first-ever guide, we’ll be releasing county-level corn and soybean yield estimates for all major U.S. Midwest states using the Gro Intelligence Yield Model. We’ll also be releasing county-level vegetative health data to help you understand what’s happen on the ground, county-by-county. All of this information will be released over the next several days on the following schedule:

Day 1 (8/15) - KS, MO, NE & SD

Day 2 (8/16) - MN, WI & OH

Day 3 (8/17) - IA, IN & IL

Day 4 (8/20) - National Recap & Summary

All of our yield estimates are derived from the Gro’s U.S. CornU.S. Soybean models, which use machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to estimate bushels per acre on a daily basis, using a variety of inputs we describe in depth on Since running live for the first time in 2016, our U.S. Corn model has generated results of a higher quality than the USDA’s own estimates, earlier in the crop season. For final 2017 yields, the Gro corn model produced a yield of 176.9 bushels per acre for the national average. USDA's final tally, announced during the January crop report, was 176.6. The Gro US soybean yield model just went live in 2018. And this will be the first year we test the accuracy of our model.

We also excited to announce that our friends at DTN have decided to produce their very own virtual crop tour using our data. DTN is the independent, trusted source of actionable insights for two million customers focused on feeding, fueling and protecting the world. They’ll be pairing content from their network of on-the-ground reporters with our data to provide you even more market intelligence. Look out for the “DTN Digital Yield Tour ‘18 powered by Gro Intelligence” which will feature content from all of DTN’s media properties including Progressive Farmer,, and

And be sure to check back in tomorrow for Day 1 of the 2018 Digital Crop Tour Guide: U.S. Midwest Corn and Soy.

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