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(Infographic) The War's Impact: Will the World Have Enough Wheat?

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The Russia-Ukraine war is causing vast destruction and human suffering in Ukraine. It is also reverberating through global food supply chains by disrupting shipments of Black Sea wheat. Combined, Russia and Ukraine export 30% of global wheat.

Wheat end users will likely need to look to crops in the US, Australia, Argentina, or India for alternative supplies. But US hard red winter wheat production is headed toward a double-digit percentage drop amid already tight global wheat stocks, currently at their lowest levels since 2013, Gro’s Yield Forecast Models show. 


To help companies, investors, governments, and humanitarian organizations navigate the unprecedented impact on global agricultural markets, Gro has launched a Russia-Ukraine resources page with real-time assessments of major commodities wheat, vegetable oils, and fertilizer, using our Food Security Risk Management Toolkit.

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