India Moves to Tame Domestic Palm Oil Prices With Import Tax Cut

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India, the No. 1 importer of vegetable oils, lowered its palm oil import tax from 15% to 10% to reduce the high cost of domestic cooking oil. 

The tax cut is expected to make palm oil imports more attractive for Indian refiners than rival soybean oil and sunflower oil, whose duties remain unchanged. An expected increase in Malaysian palm oil production, as Gro forecast in a recent analysis, and a cut in Indonesia’s palm oil export tax, should further add to palm oil’s price competitiveness.

India’s move follows efforts by other countries, including Turkey, Russia, and Ukraine, to protect local food prices and vegetable oil supplies via import incentives or export controls. 

Vegetable oils have emerged as a key driver of global food inflation this year, owing to overall tightness in supplies and a rebound in demand. Vegetable oil prices also have risen in tandem with crude oil, as some edible oils are made into biofuels

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India’s new tax rate for palm oil imports will remain in place from June 30 until the end of September 2021. Palm oil dominates the global vegetable oil market with a 60%-70% share of trade worldwide. 

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