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We are excited to announce Gro Intelligence’s Series A2 financing round led by TPG Growth, the middle market and growth equity platform of alternative asset firm TPG. Participants include Data Collective as well as a collection of strategic family offices who have been, and continue to be, a critical part of the Gro journey since our earliest days. This is a really important moment for Gro - not just because of the funding itself, but due to the combination of skills, insight and experience that participants bring to the table. 

The combination of working with TPG Growth and Data Collective is particularly powerful for us. TPG Growth have an impressive track record of partnering with and scaling global businesses, while Data Collective offers extensive experience investing in all stages of big data, deep compute, and technology infrastructure companies that are disrupting traditional industries. An impressive mix of strategic private family offices from all over the world that understand Gro, our clients and the markets we serve also remain an integral part of our future.

Gro has been able to bring to market a product that is truly the first of its kind because we invested the time and resources to build and develop a team made up of domain experts in agriculture markets, plant science, and geospatial science along with world class product and engineering teams.

We can’t wait to use this investment into Gro to further expand our core team and support our mission of becoming the leading provider of insights and predictive analytics to users across the global agricultural industry.

Who are we and why are we doing this?

Gro Intelligence bridges the data gaps across the global agriculture sector, empowers decision makers, and creates a more connected, efficient, and productive global food industry.

We have accomplished this feat by leveraging hundreds of trillions of data points to clarify and contextualize information at each stage of the food chain. We gather information from a multitude of sources, including satellite imagery, public organizations, trade groups, and industry publications, organize that information into an ontology that we designed, and then make it available to our users via the web through our product or the Gro API.

The term “ontology” refers to a data structure that systematically describes the properties of different objects and the relationships between them. Unlike those in a strict hierarchy, objects in an ontology can have multiple, diverse links to other objects and categories without violating any rules. Our ontology allows us to view fragmented and scattered information as an organized whole. Our ongoing mission to create this type of structure has made it possible for anyone to use it to make new inferences. By building on our work, analysts all over the world now have the power to extract valuable and novel insights from data that seemed hopelessly intractable before.

We work on Gro’s products with the objective of enabling others to undertake better and deeper analysis in their fields of expertise. Increased incomes, climate change, and a growing population combined with unsustainable production and consumption patterns globally mean we need to figure out many smart solutions in a short period of time. We can’t address the issues facing agriculture on our own. People across the entire value chain must become more data-driven and innovative, which is why we have built the data infrastructure necessary to support and facilitate this innovation across the global food and agriculture industry.

After all, agriculture is more than just the food we eat. It's the clothes we wear, the beauty products we use, the cars we drive, and the furniture we buy. It’s an ancient industry employing over 2 billion people, but now it must adapt and take advantage of the ongoing explosion in data availability and large-scale computing.

The world has to address the growing challenges facing agriculture in the 21st century. We need a knowledge revolution and today’s investment is another step towards Gro becoming a catalyst for necessary change.

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