Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour Guide: Day 3 - Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana

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Day 3 of the Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour brings us to Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana and rounds out the last of the Corn Belt states.

Poor vegetative health shown by our NDVI data is apparent in southern Iowa and around Chicago, but Indiana and most of Illinois appear green. As Gro data shows, Indiana and Illinois are currently on a trajectory for record soybean and corn yields, respectively.

By hovering your cursor over a county of interest, you can see the current yield estimate generated by Gro’s yield models, which updates daily.

Iowa and Illinois are routinely national leaders in both soybean and corn production, and all three of these states are expected to produce more corn and soybeans in 2018 compared to 2017.

Gro Intelligence subscribers can continuously monitor corn and soybean yield estimates for the 2018 crop year by using the data available from our yield models.

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