Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour Guide: Day 2 - Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio

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Day 2 of the Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour brings us to the northern and eastern edges of the Corn Belt in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio.

Our NDVI data shows areas of weak vegetative health in northwestern Minnesota and northern Ohio, but overall patterns seem generally sound. It should be noted that areas of gray where no data exist (i.e. eastern Ohio) appear this way because cloud cover obstructed the satellite instruments which collect NDVI data from crops over the last 8 day period.

Gro Intelligence subscribers can stay up-to-date with corn and soybean yield predictions for 2018 by using the data available from our yield models. By hovering your cursor over a county of interest, you can see the current yield estimate generated by Gro’s yield models, which updates daily.

As it stands, all three of these states (with the exception of Minnesota corn according to USDA) are positioned to expect higher corn and soybean yields in 2018 compared to last year. Throughout the growing season, Gro users can stay abreast of new developments by comparing Gro’s daily yield estimates to the monthly yield estimates forecast by the USDA WASDE reports.

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