Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour Guide: Day 1 - Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Nebraska

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We’re excited to begin the Gro Intelligence Digital Crop Tour on the western edge of the US Corn Belt, in Kansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Nebraska.

The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) satellite data indicates struggling vegetation around Topeka, Kansas City, and southern Missouri. However, up north in Nebraska and South Dakota, crops look green aside from a small patch east of the Missouri River near Pierre.

As part of the Digital Yield Tour featuring Gro Intelligence Analysis, reporters from DTN/The Progressive Farmer spoke with farmers in Phelps County, Nebraska who mentioned that hail storms, and tornadoes damaged crops during a storm on June 30th. Gro users can clearly see the impact of this storm when comparing NDVI vegetation anomalies recorded on June 25th to data recorded on July 11th for the area around Phelps county.

Gro Intelligence subscribers can stay up-to-date with corn and soybean yield predictions for 2018 by using the data available from our yield models. By hovering your cursor over a county of interest, you can see the current yield estimate generated by Gro’s yield models, which updates daily.

Throughout the growing season, Gro users can stay ahead of the curve by comparing Gro’s daily yield estimates to the monthly yield estimates forecast by the USDA WASDE reports.

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