European Corn Production Outlook

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The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service’s March 2018 forecast projects that the European Union (EU) will produce more corn compared to February’s estimates. However, even after increasing by one million tonnes to 61.1 million, the new expected corn production does not surpass last season’s total of 61.4 million. This month’s forecast is also 4 percent lower than the five-year average corn production. It’s important to note that the five-year average is slightly skewed upward due to the massive 2014/15 corn output of 75.7 million tonnes. France, Europe’s number one corn producer, may start to export more corn to other EU countries if the United States’ (US) trade policies change. With a projected output of 14.3 million tonnes for 2017/18, France joins Romania as a top European producer. Buoyed by favorable weather conditions, Romanian production is expected to reach 11.5 million tonnes this crop season. It remains to be seen whether the relatively low US corn futures prices can help offset any potential EU trade disruptions caused by the prospect of new US import tariffs. As French and Romanian production prop up Europe’s corn production totals, Gro Intelligence helps subscribers stay up-to-date on global agriculture and trade developments.

France and Romania Carry EU Corn Production
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