China’s Tightening GMO Regulations Threaten US Soybeans

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China has made importing genetically modified (GMO) soybeans more difficult after a recent regulatory crackdown. The Agricultural GMO Regulation Scheme strengthened the soybean approval process leading to sudden import delays at Chinese ports. Certificates for certain GMO crops imported into the country including cotton, soybeans, corn, and rapeseed are granted by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture. China previously announced tougher restrictions for US soybean imports in December. The US reduced its soybean export forecast for China to 58.8 million tonnes from 60.6 million tonnes because of the new regulation. After last year’s record soybean production of 119.5 million tonnes in the US, fears over slowing Chinese soybean import demand has the US looking for alternative markets if slowdowns continue. Gro Intelligence provides the tools necessary to stay up-to-date on future soybean trade developments.

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