Shining a Spotlight on Chinese Agricultural Data

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We’re excited to announce a recently incorporated data source to Gro, our flagship platform. China Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (CASDE) is the first report released by a Chinese government agency to the public for free that provides regular supply and demand projections.

Similar to the USDA’s World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) Report, CASDE provides monthly supply, demand, prices, and trade data (including forecasts), for corn, soybeans, cotton, vegetable oils, and sugar from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

China Needs Imports To Satisfy Sugar and Soybean Demand

Data goes back to 2014 and reports are released in the second week of each month. The next CASDE report will be released on Dec. 12. CASDE is released as a PDF in Chinese, which makes it cumbersome to use. Gro has made CASDE easily accessible and it can now be used to better understand these four major crops in China. For anyone monitoring supply and demand in China, CASDE is an invaluable data source.

For example, you can compare data reported in CASDE to what’s reported by the USDA within Gro. Interestingly, corn data reported by CASDE and the USDA differs significantly.

In the past few weeks, Gro used CASDE data to publish research on Chinese corn stockssoybean food use in China, and oil use by urban and rural populations in China. Try your analysis of Chinese agriculture using CASDE data on Gro today!

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