Cold Snap Threatens California Almonds

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Almond production could now be threatened by bitterly cold overnight temperatures in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Almond trees are currently in full bloom, making them especially sensitive to freezing temperatures at or below 28 ℉. Yield could be affected, but the extent of damage may not be observed right away.

Potential freeze damage would have global impacts by decreasing supply and raising prices. World consumption of almonds is increasing, with a majority of production occurring in the US. Furthermore, all almonds produced in the US are grown in California. The state’s almond industry is valued at around $5 billion, making this crop important to California’s economy. If this pattern of cold temperatures continues, the almond industry could take a huge hit. Gro Intelligence subscribers can analyze data available on our platform to gain insight on potential crop impacts.

California, Almond Producer to the World
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