La Niña Rains Bring Relief to Australian Wheat

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Australian wheat production is expected to increase in 2018/19 after La Niña weather brings much needed rains to the country’s Northeastern coast. Dry conditions last year hurt yields, but the Australian Bureau of Agriculture, Resource Economics and Rural Sciences (ABARES) now predicts that production will increase by 11.8 percent this season to 23.7 million tonnes. Rains are coming at a critical time as wheat planting begins soon and will continue over the next couple months. Although planted area is not expected to increase as a result of low wheat futures prices, production is forecast to grow to 25 million tonnes by 2022/23. Since Australia ranks fifth among wheat exporters, its yields can have big effects on the world's market balances and prices. Gro Intelligence subscribers can use our global wheat data to stay ahead of ongoing industry developments.

Rains Boost Australian Wheat Production
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