Argentine Lemons and Limes Find a Home Overseas

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Citrus fruits were among the commodities to benefit after Argentine President Mauricio Macri took office in December 2015. Argentina is the world’s top processor, the third-largest producer, and the fourth-largest exporter of lemons and limes. While Argentina’s domestic consumption of lemons and limes is not expected to change in 2018, global consumption has seen some recent growth.

A majority of the country’s lemon and lime exports currently head to the European Union and Russia, but Argentina hopes to expand this market in the near future after President Macri eliminated export tariffs. Argentine production and exports are expected to increase with the recent reopening of the US market, previously closed due to pest introduction concerns. Unlike the EU and Mexico, Argentina can focus on supplying global demand for lemons and limes without being hindered by rising domestic consumption. Gro Intelligence subscribers can use available data to monitor global citrus consumption and trade trends.


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