Improving both short-term decisions and long-term forecasts around global grain shipments

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Holistic views of trade volumes and prices

Gro Intelligence works with logistics teams to forecast global grain movements across short- and long-term use cases.

Daily analysis of trade and price data to forecast shipments

Trade Flow Matrix

Quickly visualize trade flow between major producing nations.

Global Balance Sheets

See a commodity’s daily supply and demand on a local, national, or global level to forecast trade and logistical risks.

Stocks-to-Use vs. Price

Gauge tightness of available crop supplies and how that might impact price and destination.

China Pork Demand Model

Predict China’s pork consumption for the next calendar year 10 months before the USDA's first forecast.

Accurately monitor climate and weather-related risks to forecast trade volume

Yield Forecast Models

Forecast availability for crops such as corn, soy, or wheat for regions around the world by monitoring Gro's daily updating yield estimates.

Prevent Plant Model

Estimate how many US corn and soybean acres will be prevented from being planted to track supplies and potential price-moving implications.

Gro Drought Index

Monitor drought in key regions for early warning signs of how drought may impact global trade flow.

Climate Risk Navigator

Incorporate growing conditions for any region, weighted by a specific crop, into supply and shipping estimates.

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Workflow and features

Features designed to integrate into your workflow.

Build or edit data visualizations

API access

Excel access

BETA: alerts for high priority crops