Seed and Fertilizer

Improving product sales, marketing decisions, and long-term R&D around farmer income

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Short- and long-term production forecasts

Gro Intelligence works with seed, fertilizer, and corporate agribusiness companies to forecast product demand from a regional or global perspective.

Forecast product demand and sales both regionally and globally

Planting Intentions Model

Forecast US state and regional planting intentions to forecast product demand and sales.

Prevent Plant Model

Estimate how many US corn and soybean acres will be prevented from being planted to assess impact on earnings.

Yield Forecast Models

Forecast crop production for regions around the world by monitoring Gro's daily updating yield estimates.

Crop Budgets App

Gain insights into the economics behind producers’ planting decisions.

Incorporate long-term climate and pest impact into R&D and sales strategies

Gro Drought Index

Monitor drought in key regions for early warning signs of how drought may impact crop production, supplies, prices, and farmer income.

Climate Risk Navigator

View details about various crops according to growth, climate, weather, and energy conditions.

Fall Armyworm Arrival and Risk Model

Assess the impact of fall armyworms on yield.

China Pork Demand Model

Predict shifts in commodity prices based on changing demand for pork and the consequent demand for high-protein feed.

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Workflow and features

Features designed to integrate into your workflow.

Build or edit data visualizations

API access

Excel access

BETA: alerts for high priority crops