F&B Procurement

Leverage Gro’s proprietary crop insights and risk metrics to make data-driven procurement decisions.


Crop and climate analysis that procurement teams can understand, trust, and use.

Standardize the procurement process and build data-driven, profitable supply acquisition strategies.

Predict market movements and act fast with Gro's Commodities Tracker

Monitor climate conditions

Access a curated data set of crop insights, climate analysis, and market prices.

Anticipate price changes

Understand what creates and increases risk for the crops and region pairings you care about.

Know when to act

Use Gro’s Supply Risk Level to forecast forward supply risk over the next six months.

Secure supply at better prices

Quickly validate budget decisions, improve supplier negotiations, and plan for contingencies.


A global view that grows with you.

Track the crops you care about and work with Gro to integrate additional crops, data sources, and regions.

Contextualized, actionable analysis

Insights paired with climate and market data

Accurate predictions

A track record of predicting market movements

Deep and diverse expertise

50+ data scientists and domain experts

Standardized decision-making

Consistent analysis across teams