Financial Institutions

Improving managing risk, trading algorithms, active trading strategies, hedging programs, and equity research modeling

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Increased visibility into price drivers and risk

Gro Intelligence works with asset management and risk management teams to provide analytics on price drivers and potential price-moving events that impact trading and investments.

Monitor market dynamics to trade and manage risk with new precision

Yield Forecast Models

Forecast yield for crops such as corn, soy, or wheat for regions around the world by monitoring Gro's daily updating yield estimates.

Global Balance Sheets

Monitor soy, corn, or wheat ending stocks to predict price moves.

Stocks-to-Use vs. Price

Gauge tightness of available crop supplies and how that might impact price.

US Food Price Index

Understand food inflation in the US six weeks ahead of official government reports.

Predict potential climate and weather events earlier for risk management and improved trading signals

Climate Risk Navigator

Monitor growing conditions for any region, weighted by a specific crop, to forecast climate impact on ending stocks and pricing.

Gro Drought Index

Monitor drought in key regions for early warning signs of how drought may impact crop production, supplies, and prices.

China Pork Demand Forecast Model

Predict shifts in commodity prices based on changing demand for pork and the consequent demand for high-protein feed.

Toxin Risk

Monitor potential toxin outbreaks that may impact crop availability and pricing.

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Workflow and features

Features designed to integrate into your workflow.

Build or edit data visualizations

API access for python-enabled teams

Excel access for planning and financial teams

BETA: alerts available for high priority crops