Making climate risk measurable and actionable

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Indicators and applications for climate risk

Including the latest IPCC scenarios, Gro's set of indicators and applications allow organizations to migrate risks and plan investments for a changing climate.

Differentiators of Gro's climate platform


Underlying data is ingested at square kilometer scale and outputs are available for every district, province, and country worldwide


Index calculations and weights are automated ensuring absolute objectivity.


Models look beyond single indicators and consider a complex mix of variables, making them robust to flaws in individual raw data points.

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Climate projections

In addition to the Gro climate indicators which measure realized changes in climate, the Gro Platform offers Scenario-based Climate Index Projections. We can also combine these with our geospatial computation engine to measure the expected impact of climate change on physical assets through the year 2100 under different GHG emission scenarios.

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Long term planning incorporating climate

Gro's Land Suitability Rankings identify those portions of the globe that are the best suited to grow a given crop. The application identifies the districts that are the most similar to the existing highest-yielding region and ranks them. Working with customers, we can map the recommendations on similar regions with climate scenarios.

Gro Drought Index

The world's first high resolution global agricultural drought index, giving a more accurate view of both drought intensity and duration.

Gro Climate Risk Navigator for Agriculture

This navigator monitors growing conditions, daily weather, and long-term climate conditions for any combination of region and crop.

Gro Climate Indicator - Weather Variability

Gro's climate indicator for weather variability is an indicator of extreme weather in a given region.