Gro For Good

Free access for projects providing a public good

Gro is committed to collaboratively building a sustainable future. Our Gro For Good program provides free Premium level access to academics and NGOs working on food security and/or climate change. 

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Building solutions for the future

Gro For Good members have used the Gro platform to build sustainable solutions for academic competitions, conduct research for class work, lecture materials, and books, and analyze data for sustainable development work. We also provide speakers at events.

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Responding to global food crises

Gro For Good is committed to efforts that create transparency and data in response to the current unprecedented set of interlocking challenges. Our freely accessible Food Security Tracker: Africa is part of our response to the global food crisis and enables organizations to monitor food security across Africa.

Why join Gro For Good?

Most recent IPCC scenarios

Climate scenarios to allow for longer term forecasting

Access to comprehensive data and analytics

Analytics and indices on topics from drought and weather variability to production and trade

Timely market intelligence

Weekly insight from our expert analysts

One year subscription

Renewable Premium level access at no cost


A collaborative, innovative community

Gro For Good is a community of innovative thinkers, agriculture and climate experts, and students dedicated to building a sustainable future.

To Qualify, You Must Be A(n)...

Academic faculty member

Academic student

Member of an NGO

Gro Intelligence and the Nittany AI Challenge have played a key role in our early-stage success as a startup here at Penn State University. We are excited to continue working with Gro Intelligence as we develop a more sustainable future in agriculture.

Jake Grim

Founder of Table Rock Markets