Engineering at Gro

Scaling the platform to address food security and climate change

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A tangible mission

So much work in tech is very abstract or involves building out niche tooling or applications. Here your work is directly applicable to our mission: tackling food security and climate change. By enhancing and scaling our data and insights platform, you help provide the necessary transparency and decision-making tools to enable and enact real change.


Broad new horizons

Despite developing nearly 2 million unique data series on our platform, we’re just getting started. We are pivoting our technology to a nearly greenfield environment. We’re thankfully constrained by real-world product needs and challenged by an ever-growing demand for performance and scale. We’ll be iterating-in-place towards a new platform designed not only to scale, but to allow us to address questions in fundamentally different ways.

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Huge infrastructure challenges

While the experts in machine learning, geospatial analytics, climate science, and agronomics are the obvious part of the solution, so are the infrastructure engineers who enable the data to be readily available and easily accessible. We need to be creative about how we ingest, organize, and store our data in order for it to be relevant to a variety of different scenarios. Results need to be surfaced nearly instantaneously to help enable those who want to interrogate the data and further mine for insights.

Releases and Updates