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Supporting Global Food Security Amid Russia-Ukraine War

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating extraordinary shocks for world food prices and supplies. Outside of the human suffering directly resulting from armed conflict, these shocks have reverberated far beyond Europe’s borders and will lead to other humanitarian crises around the world.  

Gro Intelligence is offering to partner with humanitarian organizations on a pro bono basis to help identify and strategically tackle current crises and those yet to emerge. We will not only offer access to our models and data free of charge but our team will also make themselves available to further explain, contextualize, and help navigate the unprecedented impact of this crisis.   

Please help us get the word out and share with organizations that can benefit from this or that can help advance humanitarian efforts. We believe that taking actions informed by real-time insights today can result in significantly better outcomes for the world in the coming months. 

We have put together a Russia-Ukraine humanitarian resources page for humanitarian organizations to track the implications for global food security on a real-time basis. We are also providing free access to our Food Security Risk Management Toolkit to any humanitarian organization. 

This resources page incorporates all of the real-time models included in the toolkit we launched for companies and asset managers facing volatile market conditions.

The current conflict has not only illuminated the interconnected nature of our food systems but has yet again exposed the fragility of them. The Gro Intelligence team has spent the past few weeks supporting our customers and partners in navigating the volatility and uncertainty around global agricultural markets. We have fielded calls from companies, funds, journalists and governments seeking everything from data to advice.

We have seen firsthand the power of having a platform with real-time insights at global scale covering markets ranging from wheat to fertilizer and vegetable oils and topics ranging from inflation to economic shocks.

We also recognize our role as an objective and often the only provider of these real-time insights at scale, and given the difficulty of the times, we must transparently extend beyond providing this data and insights to a select few.

Please reach out to us at support@gro-intelligence.com to schedule a conversation with our team.

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