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Procurement teams and supply chain professionals use Gro’s sophisticated analytics and customizable displays to diversify supply regions and negotiate contracts at the best prices. For brewers, breakfast cereal makers, and grocers, Gro’s actionable insights on tight supplies or spikes in prices provide signals to secure contracts earlier and avoid the additional costs to customers.

In this quick video on short-term decision-making, we walk through how Gro’s analytics work together to give you both:

- A complete view on drought and weather conditions for in-season supply

- The impact on yields and pricing



Climate, supply and price can be systematically monitored on the Gro Platform to improve short-term decisions around purchasing and sourcing.


Climate and Yield Monitors to Diversify Supply Regions

Customers have used Gro’s climate indices, such as the Gro Drought Index, to analyze climate conditions in specific sourcing regions to predict potential changes in supply and price. 

Supply chain managers can see when drought is directly impacting a crop using Gro’s Yield Forecast Models, which incorporate Gro Drought Index values to show a decline in yield and tighter supplies. Unlike the USDA’s yield estimates, which only update at best once a month, Gro’s yield forecast models see market-moving events in real time to provide daily in-season yield forecasts.  

Procurement teams have then successfully diversified sourcing regions or purchased an interchangeable ingredient, maintaining profit margins and avoiding the extra costs inflicted by drought.


One Comprehensive View to Forecast Prices and Negotiate Bids

Through Gro, procurement teams can access one comprehensive view of price drivers. Gro Displays such as the Global Winter Wheat Production Monitor provide a holistic view of only the most vital information impacting supply and price, incorporating climate models such as the Gro Drought Index. 

Gro Displays are updated daily and weekly to enable teams to make the most accurate and informed purchasing decisions. Supply chain managers and financial teams can monitor price drivers and predict price changes to negotiate bids at the best prices.

The Gro Platform is built to help short-term decision-makers make confident daily purchasing decisions. 


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