Supply Chain Lessons from the Pandemic

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This October, Gro Intelligence’s SVP of Agribusiness James Heneghan was invited by Professor Dr. Cindy Chuang and Dean Dr. David Martin to speak at Western Connecticut State University’s Ancell Dean’s Speaker Series. Heneghan joined Odyssey Logistics & Technology's Cosmo Alberico to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global agricultural supply chain.

Supply Chain Dislocations During the Pandemic

Heneghan and Alberico focused on supply chain dislocations during the pandemic and the impacts they have had on people globally, including:

- Reductions in product inventories and availability

- Higher prices and inflation

Heneghan shared his view on the agricultural supply chain and climate impacts through the data and analytics Gro Intelligence provides.

Gro For Good Provides Data and Analytics to Academic Institutions at No Cost

Gro Intelligence is committed to bringing our AI-driven analytics and domain expertise to teams working within academia and those working for the public good. Our Gro For Good program offers academics, nonprofits, and growers access to the Gro Platform at no cost. The program provides data and research for real-world applications, classwork, lecture materials, and books on a range of agricultural, climate, or economic topics. We welcome the opportunity to provide speakers at academic events and further support those working on climate and food security. 

Through collaboration, we can build innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges.


If you work in academia and are interested in collaborating with Gro, please apply for the Gro For Good program today or reach out to us at

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