Introducing Gro's South America Soybean Production Monitor

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Gro Intelligence is launching a series of aggregated displays, including one giving a daily and comprehensive view of South American soybean production. These displays are built into a macro board of how soybean yield is changing to allow for a regional soybean purchasing and planning outlook.

Procurement and Sales & Marketing teams currently use Gro's Yield Forecasts to plan for supply and demand in a changing regional and global market.

Included in the Display

The South America Soybean Production Monitor includes views that bring together daily production, yield, and current pricing. The displays include:

- Vegetative health across Brazil and Argentina (NDVI) - Our crop health monitoring uses geospatial data to compare crop health relative to 10 year averages.

- Yield - Connected several factors including vegetative health, Gro yield estimates maps look at how yield is changing to predict production and plan for sourcing.

- Trade - Our monitors for export pricing and volumes share how trade impact is changing based on current market conditions.

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Why Gro's South America Soybean Production Monitor

With Brazil, Argentina, and the U.S. leading global soybean production, monitoring Brazil and Argentina's markets in-season both allows for tracking of regional supply chains and forecasts the US outlook.

- Daily - Giving a one-stop, regional view of soybean production in South America, Gro Yield Models forecast daily in-season.

- Proprietary forecasts - Gro's in-season monitor leverages the proprietary Gro Yield Forecasts for soybeans in Brazil and Argentina (available for Premium subscribers).

- Allows for country-specific lenses - For those who are interested in supply chains specifically in Brazil or Argentina, there are specific Displays that also allow for deeper dives mapped to those areas.

The goal of Gro Displays is to provide a big picture view of current markets and productions, while still allowing you to act on the small details.

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