CEO Sara Menker Named to Time 100 Most Influential People List

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For her work on climate and food security, Gro Intelligence CEO Sara Menker was named to the Time 100 Most Influential People list.

Sara and the Gro team have built a platform that allows organizations across varied sectors to incorporate global climate and agriculture data into their strategic and financial planning and make more effective decisions.

“If you think about so many of the world’s challenges today, it’s about this tension between ecological preservation and economic growth,” Sara Menker says. “That tension doesn’t need to be there, and I’m hoping that one of the things that we do is find a way to reconcile that.” 



As climate conditions change at a rapid rate, intense flooding, changes in monsoon season, and prolonged drought will challenge the ways we have traditionally done things. Gro data has the ability to quantify any future climate vulnerability faced by institutions and businesses. Our tools enable users to quantify their exposure to the impacts of climate change and help transform risk profiles by identifying areas of vulnerability and opportunities for resilience. 

Gro continues to work with institutions and businesses across multiple sectors to find new and innovative ways to improve outcomes for organizations exposed to climate change and the resulting impact on the global agricultural supply chain.

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