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Leveraging Gro’s Yield Forecast Models for the Gro x DTN 2022 Digital Yield Tour

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The US corn crop is in its critical pollination stage, and hot and dry conditions are weighing on yields. Gro’s US Corn Yield Forecast Model is currently signaling the US will have one of the weakest corn harvests in years. 

As we continue to monitor the US corn crop, Gro Intelligence and DTN will be partnering again for a fifth annual Gro x DTN Digital Yield Tour. We will be tracking how the US corn and soybean crops are progressing so far this season.

Beginning Monday, August 8th, we will bring a field-level view from the DTN team and a regional, global, and climate view from the Gro Platform to present you with comprehensive and on-the-ground reporting of national yield estimates. 

Leveraging Gro’s US Corn Yield Forecast Model

The Gro US Corn Yield Forecast Model estimates in-season yields at the county, state, and national levels daily. 

Our model uses spatially explicit weather, vegetative health, and soil data to monitor environmental and crop conditions during the growing season. The model updates daily to continuously forecast final yield and help you better understand the effect of climate on crop yield and production. 

With Gro’s Yield Forecast Models, teams across industries can: 

  • Gauge crop availability and crop prices 
  • Understand how weather impacts yields locally, regionally, and nationally
  • Inform other models focused on damage caused by pests and diseases 
  • Monitor crop production, by tracking its most variable component, which is in-season yield
  • Make early forecasts of end-of-season yield in the US and across the Corn Belt, which produces 80%-85% of national corn

Like all Gro models, the industry-leading US Corn Yield Forecast Model is built by our team of data scientists, agronomists, and industry experts. It is continually updated throughout the growing season, accurately providing the latest yield forecast weeks ahead of USDA estimates.

Read more about the Yield Forecast Model here or schedule a demonstration to learn how our Yield Model can be tailored to your organization’s needs here.

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